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4/13/04~ Due to President Bush talking the scheduled season finale episode of Happy Family is delayed until April 20 

4/12/04~ The episode of "Pyramid" is going to reair on April 14 click on the link in the "links" section to see where "Pyramid" airs in your area 

4/8/04~ Happy Family will be on Tuesday April 13 at 8:30 and it's the season finale

3/13/04~ Sorry about the false info about Happy Family being on Saturday March 13, NBC must have changed their mind at the last minute on what to air, so they chose "Princess Diana: The Secret Tapes" instead. Happy Family will air Tuesday March 16.

3/7/04~ Happy Family will not be on Tuesday March 9, but it will be on Saturday March 13 and Tuesday March 16

3/3/04~ Happy Family will be on Saturday March 6 (repeat) and there will also be one on Tuesday March 9 (NEW). The Saturday March 6 episode is already posted and I will post the Tuesday March 9 episode on Sunday March 7

2/25/04~ Happy Family is on at 9:30pm on Saturday Ferbruary 28(for some reason), but it is a repeat (the topic is posted). Happy Family will also be on Tuesday March 2 at 8:30pm and it will be a new episode. I'll post the topic of the new episode on Sunday February 29.

11/26/03~ The cast of Happy Family will be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at 9:00am

11/16/03~ There really isn't to much news yet, but it will pick up!^_^