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Welcome to the Melanie Paxson Fan Page!

While searching around, I was surprised to find there are no websites dedicated to Melanie. She has to be one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood! She's a fantastic standout performer with very little recognition. This website is happily dedicated to her amazing talent. Keep an eye out for new videos and pictures that will be sporadically added. Also, any news will be posted in the updates! Thanks for visiting! Feel free to have a look around, sign the guestbook,  join the message board, and have fun! ^_^


7/9/11~ Oh my gosh! I feel awful for completely abandoning this site for so long! In the upcoming weeks expect new pictures, videos, and updates across the entire site! Maybe even a complete revamp! Stay tuned!

9/26/04~      ~*HAPPY*~ ~*BIRTHDAY*~   ~*MELANIE*~

6/2/04~ I added one more pic. It's very hard to find pics of Melanie, but I'm trying my best. Again sorry for the lack of updates.

5/19/04~ Some very very bad news Happy Family is officially canceled. It will NOT be returning for a second season. Updates might be kind of slow now until I find out about the next thing that Melanie will be involved in.

5/9/04~ I finally found the official place that Melanie was born and it is in the "About Melanie" section. I will be on vacation for 2 weeks so maybe there will be more things to update when I get back and maybe it will be officially announced if "Happy Family" comes back next season or not

4/12/04~ Sorry for the lack of updates but i finally got one pic of Melanie from the game show "Pyramid" (which I will post tomorrow) and the episode is going to reair. Check the "Melanie on TV" section for details

3/17/04~ I added another link to the "Links" page

3/7/04~ I added one new fact to the "Little Know Facts" part of the "About Page" and in the filmography part of the "About Page" I put a new category called "Game Shows" because Melanie was recently on the game show "Pyramid." I will try to gets pics from that as soon as possible

3/5/04~ I added one new fact to the "Little know Facts" part of the "About Page" and I also added one new link to the "Links" page

2/25/04~ Remember that there are constant updates on the "Melanie on TV" page, so if you notice that the homepage doesn't have very many updates the "Melanie on TV" page will. I will also be adding a new link to the "links" page.   

2/15/04~ I added 2 more new facts to the "Little Known Facts" part of the about page

2/14/04~ I added 1 new fact to the "Little Known Facts" part of the about page

2/1/04~ GREAT news the messageboard is finally up and working. Please join and and fun!

1/31/04~ I added 3 new pics in the photo page and "Little Known Facts" to the "About Page." MESSAGEBOARD TOMORROW

1/29/04~ I promise I will have the messageboard working before the end of the week!^_^

1/19/04~ I added one new pic of Melanie in the Glad commercials as a request from Bruce

12/19/03~ Now on the "Melanie on TV" page it tells you the next episode of "Happy Family"

11/30/03~ I added a new antimation page

11/10/03~ Welcome to my Melanie Paxson Fan Page! It is officially open^_^